What is career?

To quote Donald E. Super’s thesis: A career is a continuum of events in life; it integrates the various occupations and roles that develop sequentially over the course of a person’s life, with a unique form of self-development flowing from the individual’s commitment to his or her work; it is also the synthesis of a series of paid and unpaid positions in life from adolescence to retirement, and it includes, in addition to occupations, any work-related roles such as In addition to occupation, it includes any work-related roles such as student, employee, pensioner, and even side jobs, family, and civic roles. Career is person-centered and exists only when the individual seeks it.

There are six characteristics of a career.

1.Directionality. The development of a person’s career, like a channel in the sea, although invisible, but as if there is a direction to follow. As for which direction to move forward, depends on the inner voice will lead to what place.
2.Time. A person’s career development, consisting of the past, present and future.
3.Spatiality. Career is centered on the role of career, but also includes other work-related roles.
4.Uniqueness. Everyone’s career development is unique.
5.Phenomenal. It exists only when one looks for it.
6.initiative. People can take the initiative to shape their careers.


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